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Jiangsu Tongsheng International Trade Co., Ltd. has grown and emerged in the process of global economic integration. After development, it has become a modern service company focusing on trade and service. Trade and service areas include garden tools, power tools, high-pressure cleaners, power generation equipment, clothing, home textiles, auto parts, medical equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment, and import and export of bulk commodities such as steel, minerals, coal, domestic trade, and integrated solutions. And financial services, etc. Looking forward to the future, Jiangsu Tongsheng International Trade will adhere to the mission of “integrating global resources and sharing human civilization”, innovation and transcendence, and will be stable and far-reaching, and committed to becoming a domestic first-class enterprise. Jiangsu Tongsheng International Trade Co., Ltd. (TOS) is a modern service enterprise specializing in the import and export of mechanical and electrical products. The company is mainly engaged in the import and export business of various production lines, complete sets of equipment, hardware tools, light industrial textiles, metal materials, ships and accessories.

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  • Email:sales@tosjs.com
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