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Business Advantages

1、About us

Jiangsu Tongsheng International Trade Co., Ltd. (TOS) is a modern service enterprise specializing in the import and export of mechanical and electrical products. The company is mainly engaged in the import and export business of various production lines, complete sets of equipment, hardware tools, light industrial textiles, metal materials, ships and accessories.

2、Imported equipment technology "one-stop" commission, full process service business

As we all know, there are many import links and long processes, which are not only risky, but also involve many government departments. For equipment users, it is a systematic project that consumes manpower, material resources and financial resources, while large-scale complete sets of equipment have a large number of equipment and wide categories. It is not uncommon to see faulty shipments, which is very tricky to handle. To this end, our company provides "one-stop" mechanical and electrical equipment import process services, customers can enjoy the whole process of worry-free service as long as they are entrusted. After entrusting us, the customer only needs to do "four things", that is: decide who to buy, how much to spend, payment, acceptance, and leave the rest to us to truly make money from the complicated import affairs. Go all out to carry out the project.

3、Comparison of equipment import links and customer units:

Service Content The owner unit handles it by itself Tongsheng is entrusted by the owner Compare Results
Tender (as needed) For projects that are approved for tax reduction or exemption, the enterprise cannot tender for it by itself, and it is necessary to entrust a qualified professional tendering company to conduct bidding. In the import process, Jiangsu Tongsheng only charges a small amount of tendering fees, specializing in international and domestic tendering agency services. With the client's wishes as the purpose of service, try to meet the needs of the client. Unable to compare
According to the actual situation of imported equipment, sign the contract The enterprise signs the import contract by itself, and the risk of the commercial terms in the contract is entirely borne by itself. Jiangsu Tongsheng signed a three-party import contract with the buyer and seller and conducted an evaluation, especially the commercial part, to protect the owner's rights and interests regarding delivery, maintenance and return. Better
Foreign payment, open letter of credit, etc. If your company opens a letter of credit on your own, you will often need to use your own funds or credit lines for a long time. Jiangsu Tongsheng has good credit in the bank and has a large amount of credit. As long as the owner provides a 30% guarantee deposit, Jiangsu Tongsheng can issue a 100% letter of credit. The foreign exchange payment and the opening of the letter of credit are charged by the bank. Jiangsu Tongsheng has an absolute advantage over the general owner.
Customs Clearance The annual import and export volume of the owners is not large. If there is any problem in the port unpacking and inspection, the owner will also make an effort to explain the incident to the customs at the port of arrival. It costs a lot of money. Jiangsu Tongsheng has a large import and export volume every year, and maintains good relations with major customs throughout the country. Therefore, it has a professional and efficient customs declaration speed, and has agreements with customs declaration companies to enjoy the agreement price. Jiangsu Tongsheng has an absolute advantage over the general owner.
Transportation, insurance, etc. (marine, air, land transport; transportation in transit insurance) The annual import and export volume of the owners is not large, and the relative services and charges will not be very favorable. In view of the huge import and export volume of Jiangsu Tongsheng, it has been directly cooperating with shipping companies, airlines and transportation companies, and less agency. Can get a discounted price. And China Life Insurance and China Ping An provide seamless insurance for ultra-low premiums. Better

4、Jiangsu Tongsheng's advantages in the same industry:

  • An excellent team of international business professionals guarantees and guarantees the smooth progress of procurement of imported equipment. Since the procurement of imported equipment involves a wide range of issues (economic, technical, legal, political, military, policy, natural and other factors), and the details of the process are cumbersome (international and domestic transportation, insurance, customs, commodity inspection, etc.), therefore, the variables are large, at any time. There may be new changes and new situations. We have a team of international business people who are familiar with international trade business, and have built a solid "firewall" for our customers!
  • Greatly improved the efficiency of the use of funds. As long as your company issues a 30% guarantee deposit, our company can issue a 100% letter of credit on behalf of your company, and give us the balance when the goods are shipped (no interest will be charged during the manufacturing period of foreign manufacturers). If we entrust our company as an import agent, we will solve the long-term occupation of our own funds or credit limit by issuing a letter of credit.

  • Significantly reduce financial costs.

    ①Providing exchange rate consulting services, because our import and export trade volume is large, sensitive to exchange rate fluctuations, and the ability and ability to provide customers with exchange rate consulting services, making it possible to minimize the procurement cost for customers;

    ②Reduce the accompanying costs during the transportation of the equipment. Due to the huge amount of trade settlement of our company, the volume of goods transferred is also considerable. For shipping agents, freight forwarders and insurance companies, it is an absolute big customer, so we can get more competitive domestic and international transportation and insurance prices (this FOB trade can take advantage of this).
  • Insurance claims are in place in time.We have agreements with PICC and Ping An of China. Insurance claims are prompt and timely, and we also have a strong voice in the process of insurance claims.

  • Follow the follow-up service to eliminate the worries of customers.According to our experience, large-scale complete sets of projects often encounter a series of problems such as missing shipments and repairs. These problems can be described as familiar. Relying on the good relations with the customs, commodity inspection and other government departments, we can smoothly solve these problems and ensure that the progress of the project is not affected.

  • Supporting financial services.Equipment Leasing.The domestic first-class financial companies have long-term close cooperation with us. When customers need it, they can provide 3-5 years of equipment rental service for your company.

5、Tax exemption approval:

Since tax exemption approval is a policy-complex work, it involves not only a wide range of government departments, but also rapid changes in government departments. In the process of importing equipment agents, we insisted on helping the equipment introduction units to enjoy the national policy to the greatest extent, and communicated frequently with relevant government departments and units such as the National Development and Reform Commission, local economic and trade committees, customs, etc., and formed a good working relationship in the law. For the scope of the policy, the import tax exemption is handled for the owner.

6、power of attorney

Swiss Schlieberg authorized Jiangsu Tongsheng as a sales agent

Swiss Schlieberg authorized Hong Kong Tongsheng as a sales agent

Jiangsu Tongsheng International Trade Co., Ltd. has strong strength and good reputation, providing you with all-round, whole-process quality service for your equipment import!